Trade Bitcoin like a ROBOT with my tradebot for Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange!

Before running this TradeBot script you need to make sure the COINLIST (line 58) is up to date.

Download/Clone the entire PoloniexTradeBot folder to your computer Download it here:

Download Python 3.x.x

1) Install Python 3 (select add to PATH)

2) Type in CMD: python -m pip install –upgrade pip

3) Type in CMD: pip3 install

4) Adjust in the script on line 29: ‘Your_Poloniex_Key_Here’ & ‘Your_Poloniex_Secret_Here’

5) In CMD Navigate to PoloniexTradeBot folder

6) Run the script: python 0.001

Where 0.001 is the BTC Value for each Altcoin