[Streamed] – Making a Poloniex tradebot with Python 3.7

Today I’m trying to build a tradebot for Poloniex.com ||
All you need to have is a verified Poloniex account ||
BTC FACT: 22 may is Bitcoin Pizza Day ||
We are making a Poloniex script in Python 3.7 ||
Notepad++ is used to write the script ||
BTC FACT: The FBI owns 1.5% of all bitcoins ||
The Git Bash is used as the terminal to run the script ||
BTC FACT: if your Private Key is lost, then your Money is lost ||
If you want to build a trade script rewind this live stream for Install instructions||
BTC FACT: There is no refund in bitcoin ||
Did you know I’m working on the Fartcoin-project? ||
www.github.com/fartcoin-project ||
BTC FACT: 64% of the bitcoins mined have never been used ||
Music by: Cannibal Monkey and Shock Division ||
Bitcoin Daytrader Channel Live Stream ||