BTCrecover vs Hashcat – Let’s BenchMark Bruteforce a bitcoin wallet (non-spendable watch only)

In Todays Live-Stream: Benchmark BTCrecover VS Hashcat – Create a couple of new password encrypted Bitcoin-Core wallets – Use different lenght passwords on the wallets – Change the encrypted wallets into single Hashes with the script from JohnTheRipper – BTCrecover will be used to Bruteforce the Bitcoin-Core wallet.dat – The Bitcoin2John Hash will be Brute-forced with Hashcat – We might be checking some while we are waiting – These Bitcoin wallets are Non-Spendable because they are encrypted with a password – Learn how you should build a token.txt file for BTCrecover – Learn the basics of Command Prompt in Windows – Import a back-up wallet into bitcoin-core – Ask me anything in the Chat –